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Step TWO (Public Courses)

Great. All of our courses are available to be run in-house at a location of your choice. However, the following courses are also available as public courses that anyone can book onto. Perfect for individuals who need to build specific skills quickly…

Think Before You Speakβ„’

The verbal communication skills course that teaches essential skills to be able to respond β€˜in the moment’ when there is little or no time to prepare.

No Events

Creativity for Logical Thinkers

The ideal introduction to the creative process and practical, pragmatic tools and techniques that you can put to great use immediately.

No Events

Fast Reading & Super Memory

The ideal course if you are challenged by the ever-increasing volume of information that comes your way. Learn how to read faster, mind map and maximise your memory.

No Events

Effective Speed Reading

Read Faster, Understand Better, Remember More. Learn how to read faster and develop you own highly effective way of avoiding information overload.

No Events

Mind Mapping for Business

The unique visual mapping technique from the world’s leading provider of mind mapping training.

No Events

Professional Business Writing

Upgrade your writing. Become more efficient AND more effective by learning to write in the way that professional writers do.

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