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Formed in 1996, we are celebrating 21 years this year. 21 years of evolving to ensure that as a unique training provider we meet our clients’ changing needs.

So you may know us for exceptional creative thinking training or cutting-edge communication skills development, but you may not be aware that every year we’ve added new courses and new options for our clients.

I hope that you will take a moment or two to watch the video below and call us to discuss your needs…

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Call: 01753 866 633

Email: sue.read@illumine.co.uk or helen.williams@illumine.co.uk

A Unique Training Provider…Did you know?

Because every client’s needs are unique, as a flexible training provider, how we work with each organisation is different. As a result, different people know different things about us. The chances are that if you’ve worked with us you will know some of the things below, but there may be some things in the list you don’t know too!

  • the largest part of what we do is as a training provider of tailored in-house programmes
  • we also run public courses in London and Manchester
  • we have a great (and ever expanding) range of 90 minute bite-sized learning sessions
  • although based in the UK, around 30% of our work is delivered overseas
  • we work with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies…and small, growing ones too!
  • our ‘brain cell logo’ and strap line ‘better brains for better people’ came about because when we started out we believed that superior thinking – in its many guises – leads to superior performance…
  • …we still believe that!
  • the colours that we use on this website, all refer to different broad training topics:
    • BLUE – Learn & Absorb Information – Courses include: Speed Reading, Mind Mapping, Memory Skills, Accelerated Learning
    • GREEN – Communication Skills – Courses include: Writing Dynamics, Think on Your Feetยฎ, Powerful Presentations, Effective Communication, Effective Business Relationships, Negotiations Skills
    • ORANGE – Creativity and Innovation – Courses include: Creativity for Logical Thinkers, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Structured and Critical Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Generating Ideas
    • RED – Facilitation and Meetings – Courses include: Meetings, Facilitation, Coaching
    • PURPLE – Engagement and Personal Balance – Courses include: Developing Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Work/Life Balance, Recognising and Managing Stress,ย  Time Management, The Power of Positive Thinking
    • PLATINUM – Management and Leadership – Essential Management Skills, From Competent Manager to Effective Leader, High Performing Teams, Change Management, Practical Thinking for Project Success

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To discover just how Illumine Training can benefit you or your organisation, please call +44ย (0)ย 1753ย 866 758 orย contact us.

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