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All of our training is now available for remote delivery…

With so many courses and course versions available, it is a challenge to group courses so that is easy for visitors to our site to find what they are looking for. Further down this page you will find a complete list – arranged by subject alphabetically. But immediately below you can see the courses arranged into logical (hopefully!) groups to help you see the courses ‘at a glance’…


List of courses, alphabetically by subject – 90 minute, half, one & two day courses

Calm – How Do You Remain Calm In Emotional Situations?
Change Management (90 min, one day)
Coaching – High Performance Coaching (90 min, half day, one day)
Communication Skills
Creative and Critical Thinking (90 min, half day, one day)
Decision Making
Emotional Intelligence
Happiness – Are You Happy? Learn How To Love Your Life
Leadership – Fundamentals of Great Leadership
Line Manager Training
Management – Essential Skills Part 1, Managing Yourself
Management – Essential Skills Part 2, Managing Others
Media Training – Dealing With The Media
Memory – Develop a great one! (90 min, half day, one day)
Mental Health Awareness for Managers
Mind Mapping (90 min, half day, one day)
Motivation & Goal Setting
Negotiation Skills
Peak Performance Strategies
Presentation Skills – Powerful Presentations
Positive Thinking
Projects – Practical Thinking For Project Success
Problem Solving (90 min, one day)
Reading – Speed Reading (90 min, half day, one day)
Reading & Memory (Fast Reading & Super Memory)
Relationship Management (90 min, one day)
Resilience – Developing Resilience
Stress – Managing (90 min)
Stress – Recognising & Managing (one day)
Structured & Critical Thinking
Supervisory Skills Training
Team Development – Building High Performing Teams
Team Leader Training
Time Management for Personal Effectiveness (one day)
Time – Managing & Mastering (90 min)
Verbal Communication – Think Before You Speakโ„ข
Working Remotely
Work Life Balance (90 min, one day)
Writing Skills – The Essentials
Writing Skills – Influence and Persuasion

Other 90 minute Workshops

Our previous portfolio of 90 minute workshops is being assimilated into the list of subjects above.ย  The following additional topics will also be available for remote delivery: Challenging Conversations; Thatโ€™s What You Think!โ„ข; Rapid Rapport; Are You Listening?; Interviewing Skills; Motivation and Delegation; Running Meetings Effectively; Facilitating Groups & Teams; Value Adding Appraisals.

For over 20 years, Illumine has been running high impact training courses based on the understanding that improving the quality of thinking improves individual and organisation-wide performance.

We have now built on that belief with an expanded range of courses (and blog articles and newsletters) based on THRIVE

Thinking | Health | Resilience | Innovation | Vitality | Expression

Our Clients

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