Change Management

Virtual Delivery Workshop - Managing and leading change


By the end of these four, 90 minute sessions you will:

  • Understand the need for change and how we can have different approaches to change.
  • Learn how to identify and manage or own emotional responses to change.
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to plan communication and manage emotions through change.
  • Understand how to engage others through change.
  • Learn how to make change permanent and embed the change successfully.

About our Virtual Delivery workshops…

We have devised a range of courses and workshops that have been designed specifically to be delivered by a live trainer, remotely. The focus is on providing practical tools to enhance effectiveness.

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Workshop content:

This workshop comprises four, 90 minute modules. However, depending on your organisation’s needs, you may choose to run only some of the modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to change

  • What change is, why it is necessary and the main barriers to successful change.
  • The conditions for successful change.
  • Understanding change.
  • Leading and motivating – yourself and others.
  • Habits and thinking patterns.
  • Physiological responses to change.

Module 2 – Managing our emotions through change

  • Understanding our different approaches and reactions to change.
  • How to view change as a positive and complete the change curve with engagement.
  • Learn how to overcome our own barriers to change.
  • Learn how to feel in control of change and manage ourselves while managing others.
  • Learn how to move ourselves to action when faced with change we did not choose.

Module 3 – Managing and leading change

  • Identifying and engaging key stake holders in change.
  • Leading and role modelling best practice in change management.
  • Managing change with key stakeholders.
  • Communicating change using emotional intelligence.
  • Managing change with strategy and empathy balance.
  • Identifying the individual needs of others through change.

Module 4 – Instilling and embedding change

  • How to communicate for successful change.
  • Learn how to use positive language and the ‘why’ triangle to achieve change that sticks.
  • Understand the support needed for change to be successful.
  • Learn how to help embed the change to make it permanent.
  • Understand how to analyse and reflect, if the change has been successful and achieved the aim.

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