Effective Communication

Virtual Delivery Workshop - Communicate with empathy and impact


By the end of these four, 90 minute sessions you will:

  • Be able to communicate with emotional intelligence.
  • Have concise and thought through communications that move people to action.
  • Be able to hold difficult conversations with confidence.
  • Have increased assertiveness around your credibility and ability to communicate effectively.
  • Be able to persuade and influence with planned and structured communication.

About our Virtual Delivery workshops…

We have devised a range of courses and workshops that have been designed specifically to be delivered by a live trainer, remotely. The focus is on providing practical tools to enhance effectiveness.

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Workshop content:

This workshop comprises four, 90 minute modules. However, depending on your organisation’s needs, you may choose to run only some of the modules:

Module 1 – Effective communication – getting your message across

  • Understand the importance of communication and choosing the right method to evoke understanding.
  • Learn the benefits of communication in the positive language.
  • Understand how using the ‘why’ triangle in your communication moves people to action.

Module 2 – Communicating with emotional intelligence

  • Learn the benefits of using emotional intelligence when you communicate.
  • Understand how change can be a success if communicating in the correct way.
  • Use communication effectively to engage with employees and customers.
  • Develop your skill set to enable you to communicate with assertiveness.

Module 3 – Having difficult conversations

  • Understand which conversations we find difficult and why.
  • Structuring your message – a set structure for delivering a message and how it works in practice.
  • Learn the four stage feedback techniques to deliver positive and developmental feedback.
  • Learn to identify why people respond to us in a difficult manner and what we can do to promote a more collaborative conversation.
  • Preparation for communication – a chance to use the skills learnt to prepare for communicating a difficult message.

Module 4 – Communication to influence and persuade

  • Understand the difference between influencing and persuading and manipulation.
  • Learn how to construct your communication with your audience in mind.
  • Understand the importance of having credibility when influencing others.
  • Identify what makes someone great at persuading others.
  • Understand the importance of positive and assertive behaviour.
  • Understand what makes people say ‘yes’.

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