Change Management Training

If the rate of change seems to be forever increasing in your organisation, you need to be confident that your managers can manage change effectively. Illumine’s Change Management Training course takes a practical approach to change. It focuses on the skills needed to be able to take charge of change. It recognises that any change creates uncertainty and the very real potential for unease and resistance from those affected.

Pragmatic techniques and straightforward strategies maximise the chances of successfully implementing change.

Learn and apply skills that enable you to initiate, execute and manage change effectively


change management

Every organisation’s needs are different. That’s why we have created a modular programme so that your course is tailored to your specific requirements. You can expect your course to include some or all of the following:

  • Understanding different types of change.
  • The key components of successful change.
  • Starting with the end goals – what will successful change look like?
  • Developing and keeping a positive attitude.
  • Creating flexible and effective strategies to manage change.
  • Supporting staff through change – different approaches.
  • Building and maintaining momentum.
  • Effective communication.

In many organisations change is inevitable. But successful change is not!

Building the skills to manage change proactivelyΒ  is vital. We have a skilled group of change management specialists who will put together a programme that meets your specific objectives.

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