Decision Making Training

Making decisions can be hard. Uncertainty and different views can easily lead to paralysis and inactivity. In many cases it is context that is vital. This course therefore starts with context before moving on to providing a robust way of evaluating all the factors involved. The course finishes with the important aspects of communication and evaluation of outcomes. This is essential if the quality of decisions is going to improve over time.

Because every organisation is different, our decision making courses are often tailored to reflect that uniqueness. A comprehensive two day course will usually involve some or all of the following:

Effective decision making is only possible with a robust process and an effective evaluation of all the factors.


Decision making

Module 1 – Understand the problem or issue – and its context.

Module 2 – Evaluate all the factors – cost, trends, demographics, market, experience, time culture, media etc.

Module 3 – Develps and evaluate courses of action.

Module 4 – Develop a plan for the chosen course of action.

Module 5 – Communicate, involve others and evaluate.

Making timely and correct decisions is a vital component of all successful organisations. If you need your people to be able to make good decisions consistently, this is the right course for you.

Illumine’s decision making courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Make the decision to speak to us now! Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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