Effective Communication with NLP Training

Effective Communication with NLP Training is all about making use of timeless principles to enhance face to face communication. Yes, this course draws on a deep understanding of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles, but the focus is on providing practical tools and techniques that make a positive difference to effective communication.

Great NLP training can help people to be more persuasive and deliver more memorable messages. It can enhance your understanding of other people and build your confidence when dealing with them.

Enhanced face to face communication skills for all, applying the principles of NLP.


Although all of our courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements, this NLP course is typically run over half a day and will include:

  • Understanding the principles of NLP.
  • How our past and our beliefs impact how we communicate.
  • Specific techniques to build rapport.
  • How to use all of our senses when communicating.
  • The brain and how it influences how we communicate.
  • The role of language.
  • Different communication patterns and how to persuade others positively.

NLP training is not a panacea! But when the principles are applied effectively, they can have a very positive impact on communication. If you need your people to be more confident and to communicate more effectively, this is the course for you.

Illumine’s Effective Communication with NLP course is full of practical techniqes to enhance communication. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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