Fast Reading & Super Memory Course

Illumine have been running the UK’s leading speed reading, memory and mind mapping courses for over 20 years. This course combines all three elements into a comprehensive programme that will transform your ability to absorb, remember and recall information. The skills learnt are all valuable individually. When combined their impact can be life-changing.

This course is ideal for anyone who needs to dramatically improve their reading speed and improve their memory. In addition, the opportunity to learn how to get the most from Mind Mapsยฎ means that you will also improve the quality of your analysis, thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Absorb information efficiently – read faster, remember more and benefit from the uniquely effective mind mapping technique.


These one or two day courses are hands-on and practical, focusing on the knowledge and techniques that make the greatest difference:

  • Assessment of current reading speed and memory.
  • The brain – how we think and how we learn.
  • How the eye works.
  • A unique and comprehensive approach to reading for maximum effectiveness.
  • A range of practical speed reading techniques – and an opportunity to practice using them.
  • Optimising the reading environment.
  • Mind mapping
  • Memory principles, rhythms and how to maximise retention.
  • Continuing the improvements – an action plan for embedding the learning.

Many of us are faced with ever-increasing volumes of information to absorb – and an expectation that our store of knowledge is unbounded! We are expected to be able to absorb information, understand it and recall it all on demand!

If you need your people to be able to read faster AND understand better AND remember more AND be comfortable analysing and thinking incisively about it too, this is the course for you.

Illumine’s Fast Reading & Super Memory course is run by some of the UK’s leading experts in these techniques and is full of practical techniqes, tips and hints. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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