Leading Teams Remotely

From Illumine Training's 'Managing From Home' range of virtual delivery workshops.


By the end of these two, 90 minute sessions you will:

  • Understand the dynamics of your team and how it may change due to remote working.
  • Know how to maximise team building when working remotely.
  • Understand how to best make team decisions.
  • Be able to conduct remote team meetings.
  • Be able to ensure collaborative thinking and idea generation.
  • Resolve conflict between team members.

About our Managing From Home workshops…

Having recognised that managing from home is a new experience for many people, we have devised a range of courses specifically focused on helping people in this situation to be more effective.

We still have our usual range of courses, all of which will be available as remotely delivered workshops. These are additional workshops aimed specifically at helping managers to manage from home more effectively.

If you don’t see the exact workshop you are looking for, contact us and we will be very happy to discuss your training needs with you

Workshop content:

This workshop comprises two, 90 minute modules:

Module 1 – Remote Team Building and Decision Making

  • The stages teams go through.
  • Identifying where your team is currently at.
  • How you as a remote manager can lead and support your team through the stages.
  • Tips for team building in a remote environment.
  • The five methods of decision making and which method to apply for which situation.

Module 2 – Remote Team Meetings, Collaboration and Conflict

  • A powerful structure for team meetings.
  • How to run team meetings remotely.
  • The Six Thinking Hats framework for team collaboration.
  • How to resolve conflict between team members.

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