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Becoming a new manager doesn’t automatically make you an effective one. Many new managers ‘try too hard’ or revert back to doing mainly what they were doing before being promoted. Moving into a management role is one of the biggest changes we make in our working lives. The shifts in focus and expectation can be overwhelming – even when you have more than proved yourself in your previous position.

Becoming a new manager involves mastering additional skills. Recognising that every person and every position are different, our new manager training courses focus on practical tools and techniques. The courses are usually split into two distinct parts: focusing on yourself and focusing on others. Most often we run a two day course but this can be tailored to meet your organisation’s particular needs.

“Well run, full of useful information for both new and aspiring managers – simply brilliant trainer!”

Β – New Manager, Healthcare Company

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The first part of the course is all about you as a new manager! The roles and responsibilities of aΒ  manager, alternative management styles and how to plan, organise and communicate effectively.

The second part focuses on the people being managed. How are you going to motivate them, understand them, coach them and manage their performance? The emphasis is on providing you with essential management skills that you can put to immediate use.

Becoming a new manager should be an exciting step up. Too often new managers are left to get on with it, without being given the essential management skills they need in order to thrive. If you want your new managers to excel in their new roles, the time to act is NOW.

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