The Power of Positive Thinking Training

This course is available by virtual or remote delivery.

Most people recognise that positive thinking is usually a good thing! But all too often, negative thinking creeps into organisations in the form of grumbling or cynicism. Of course we all respond to things in different ways. But we can benefit enormously from understanding how our thoughts affect our behaviour and how the things we say can affect everyone around us.

The Power of Positive Thinking course concentrates on ways to control what we think and say, so that teams and individuals in them are motivated, energetic and confident. And of course the whole organisation benefits as more motivated and positive staff get more done!

Developing a ‘can do’ attitude in individuals, teams and organisations.

Whilst all of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs, a typical half day positive thinking course will include:

  • Recognising and understanding negative thought patterns.
  • How thinking and our behaviours are linked.
  • The impact negative thinking has on business performance.
  • The impact that the language we use has.
  • Specific techniques to switch from negative to positive.
  • Planning for a positive future.
  • Visualisation techniques that transform business situations.

If you want to build teams that are optimistic, forward thinking and resilient, this is the course for you.

Illumine’s Power of Positive Thinking course is full of practical techniqes to help people switch from negative to positive thinking. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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