Problem Solving Courses

Problems are inevitable. Being able to solve them is essential. Illumine’s problem solving course uses its own unique ROSCARβ„’ process. This step-by-step approach to problem solving provides organisations with a robust, systematic approach to solving problems.

The course is usually run as a one day course which will:

  • Ensure that you focus on the real or right problem.
  • Show you how to develop a range of options.
  • Save you time by providing you with an efficient and effective process.

Effective problem solving involves a robust process and the right mindset.


Problem Solving

The ROSCARβ„’ process has the following steps:

R – Concentrate on the REAL problem.

O – Decide what OUTCOME you want.

SSOURCE a range of options for solving the problem.

C – Evaluate options and make CHOICES.

A – Take ACTION.

RREVIEW so that you learn continuously.

Problems are a natural – and common – part of our working lives. If you want people in your organisation to be able to solve problems effectively, this is the course you need.

Illumine’s creative thinking and problem solving courses have been transforming organisations for two decades. Our experience is unparalleled and our approach is practical and pragmatic. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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