Practical Thinking for Project Success

Leading projects – big and small – is often a significant part of many managers’ working lives. There are many in-depth project management courses available. But these may not be suitable for individuals who are not fulltime project managers. For these people, it is more important to learn and master a range of practical techniques that will enable them to contribute to and lead projects more effectively.

Our unique Practical Thinking for Project Success course focuses on providing a range of approaches that help individuals to contribute to and manage projects. This is typically a one-day course that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Learn tools to help you to contribute to, or manage, projects successfully.

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You can expect your programme to include:

  • A clear understanding of the phases and characteristics of projects – outcome, design, implementation and evaluation.
  • An understanding of different thinking preferences and habits.
  • The importance of clear objectives.
  • Using different approaches to thinking throughout a project’s lifecycle.
  • Strategies for improving problem solving and decision making.

This course is NOT a PRINCE 2 style project management course. The focus of this course is practical approaches to thinking that can be applied by contributors and leaders of projects of all size and complexity.

If people in your organisation are increasingly involved in projects and you need those projects to run smoothly and deliver results, this is the course you need.

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