Speed Reading Training

Illumine have been running the UK’s leading speed reading courses for over 20 years. The courses help anyone who suffers from information overload. The skills learnt save time, eliminate wasted effort, reduce stress and enhance confidence.

While helping people to read faster – much faster – is the primary goal, it is not at the expense of comprehension. In fact the techniques used focus as much on improving comprehension and increasing retention, as on the mechanics of reading faster.

Read faster, understand better, remember more.

speed reading

Our speed reading courses are most often run as one day courses, but half day and 90 minute options are also available. These courses are hands-on and practical, focusing on the knowledge and techniques that make the greatest difference:

  • An understanding of how our eyes and brains work – as this underpins the techniques.
  • Assessment of current reading speed and comprehension level.
  • A unique and comprehensive approach to reading for maximum effectiveness.
  • A range of practical speed reading techniques – and an opportunity to practice using them.
  • Optimising the reading environment.
  • Memory principles and how to maximise retention.

Information overload is a real – and increasing problem. And yet average reading speeds aren’t changing. Doubling or trebling reading speeds can make an enormous difference to individuals’ productivity. If you need your people to be able to read faster AND understand better AND remember more, this is the course for you.

Illumine’s Speed Reading course is full of practical techniqes to improve reading speed and comprehension. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be very happy to discuss your needs with you. Click below to fill out a short contact form, or call now

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