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Which Courses Will Enhance Work/Life Balance, Resilience & Well-being?

Creating the optimal environment in which people can thrive at work, is essential for any organisation’s long-term success. The short descriptions below are designed to help you to identify quickly the most appropriate course or courses for your purposes. However we pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if you can’t find the exact course you are looking for, please talk to us and we will be happy to provide more information or tailor courses as necessary.

“Change and challenge are constants here. We need people who are resilient enough to bounce back time and time again.”

Building teams and individuals who genuinely embrace the fast paced change that we all now expect, doesn’t just happen. The Developing Resilience course provides practical techniques that enhance personal resilience in an ever changing world.
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“We want to support our people by ensuring that they are able to take responsibility for managing the balance between work and everything else.”

Managing work/life balance is one of today’s major challenges. Forward looking organisations recognise that what is good for their staff is also good for them. This training focuses on providing practical tools that allow individuals to take charge or their long term welfare.
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“Sometimes some of our people seem to get caught in a downward spiral of negative thinking.”

Our Positive Thinking course is about developing a ‘can’do’ attitude within individuals, teams and organisations. The start point is understanding how negative thinking can creep in and we then provide useful tools and approaches to turn that thinking into something much more positive.
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“Some of our people over react when things happen. Or they under react or react inappropriately. How can we help them?”

How people manage anger, stress and fear has a profound impact on how they and the people around them, perform. Emotional Intelligence training is about learning to harness and manage emotions positively.
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