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What need does this media training course address?

It is all about developing good working relationships and on this Dealing with the Media training course we explore how you can establish a positive rapport with journalists so you both get what you want. We look at how you and your team can all be coherent and consistent with your messages and how all members of your team can be involved in reaching your audiences.ย  So, the Dealing with the Media workshop can help you:

  • Structure ideas simply and persuasively.
  • Bring your messages to life.
  • Help you connect to your audiences.
  • Work effectively with radio, broadcast and print journalists.
  • Lose the fear of dealing with tough questions, objections and hostile situations.
  • Deliver a memorable sound bite.
  • Build and develop your reputation.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Dealing effectively with the media is all about developing good working relationships, so we explore how you can establish a positive exchange with journalists so you both get what you want.

  • Start with what you want – win new audiences for your product, service or point of view.
  • Understand the relationship – between you, your audience and the media.
  • Be confidentย  – and in control when dealing with the media.


Dealing with the Media Training Course Overview

Interactive one day programme

The Dealing with the Media training course reviews the messages you are giving to the audience either directly or through the media.ย  Which media should you choose and what effect can that have?

The workshop will offer you the chance to work with a seasoned broadcast journalist, to practice media interviews and to review your performance. Content includes:

  • Understanding the Media – start by understanding what they want (news) and learn how to work with journalists in all media, while avoiding traps and misunderstandings.
  • Crafting your messages – practice in expressing yourself and how to ‘sell’ your message…
    • Quickly
    • Authentically
    • Appropriately (for the circumstances)
  • Handling an Interview โ€“answering journalists’ questions in a way that gives them a good, positive story, while reinforcing, not compromising, your key messages.

The interviews are played back in a supportive group setting, critiqued and then repeated as necessary. Delegates are provided with full handouts and video copies of their role-play media interviews to review at their leisure.

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