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Enhanced face to face communication skills for all, applying the principles of NLP…


What need does the course address?

This course is not about NLP training; it’s about refining the communication process by making use of the principles of NLP.

Communication is one of the most important and impressive skills in business life. Good communication skills can be the difference between achieving your potential and not.

This programme incorporates tools and ideas used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and explores ways of communicating that make a real difference.

It will benefit people in any organisation, but particularly those in sales, marketing, customer service and teams working together on projects.


Key Outcomes and Benefits

  • Become more persuasive.
  • Deliver memorable messages – communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Increase your confidence – whenever you are communicating.
  • Other people – understand and work better with them!
  • Use your mind to its full potential.
  • Add flexibility, structure, effectiveness and better choices into your life.


Course Overview

Intensive half-day in-house course

NLP involves the study of human excellence, demonstrating how to communicate well and influence others. It incorporates tools and techniques to make messages more effective and persuasive.

You will develop practical strategies, to use both personally and professionally. You will also understand:

  • First principles โ€“ the key principles of NLP.
  • Our past โ€“ understanding the effect of our beliefs and past experiences on communication.
  • Building rapport โ€“ techniques to build rapport including facts about body language.
  • Our senses โ€“ understanding how to incorporate all of the senses in communication.
  • The brain โ€“ demonstrating what happens in our brain to influence understanding and thinking patterns.
  • The mind โ€“ how the unconscious mind works.
  • Language โ€“ understanding how we communicate through language patterns.
  • Communication โ€“ highlighting the use of different patterns and styles used in communication.
  • Persuasion โ€“ how to influence and persuade others positively.

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