FIT workshops – 90 minute in-house sessions

Illumine Training - Parts of the brain

Gain a rapid and practical overview of a subject with these 90 minute bite sized sessions.

A selection of 90 minute Fast Impactful Training workshops:

That’s what you think!™

Seeing things from different points of view can be a real challenge. This session is all about how to really understand the other person’s point of view. Doing so will help you to develop more effective working relationships and help you to influence others positively.

Rapid Rapport™

Rapport is the first stage of communication. Without that atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding (“being on the same wavelength”) it is difficult for any communication to occur. Learn how to quickly create rapport with anyone, even meeting them for the first time. What would effortless good communication be worth to you and your organisation?

Are you listening?™

When we listen effectively we get better quality information and a better understanding of it too. Good listeners also positively encourage others and consequently upset fewer people. This means less frustration and a more satisfying working life…for all concerned!


Our Clients

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