FIT Workshops – 90 minute in-house sessions

Illumine Training - Parts of the brain

Gain a rapid and practical overview of a subject with these 90 minute bite sized sessions.

A selection of 90 minute Fast Impactful Training workshops:

Unleashing Creativity™

Creativity comes in many guises and of course some people are more naturally creative than others. However we are all capable of greater creativity. It is a skill that can be learnt – and this session will show you how to unleash your own creativity and that of your colleagues.

Problem-solving in a Nutshell™

We are all faced with problems – solving them effectively is an essential skill. In this session you will learn a systematic process for attacking and solving problems. Within an overall ‘Plan, Do, Review’ framework you will learn how to benefit from a range of simple but effective models to help you to solve problems effectively.

Note – we have many other 90 minute (other timings can be arranged to suit how you work) available. See details of all the bite-size learning sessions here.


Our Clients

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