Emotional Intelligence Training

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Learn how to harness & manage emotions positively…

One day or half-day in house course for groups and teams

Emotional Intelligence – developing the ability to harness and manage emotions – has been identified as a key leadership skill. How people manage anger, stress or fear has an immediate impact on performance. Learning how to motivate yourself, manage stress and inspire those around you is crucial to personal success.

Ever since Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking book on the subject, the challenge has been to persuade people at all levels of the importance of a high ‘EQ’ – and that it is something that can be improved. This emotional intelligence training course does exactly that with simple and practical models which can be put to immediate use.

What participants have said…

‘Afterwards there was less cynicism – people had gained an understanding of colleagues’ differences’

‘Provided hands on management techniques to unlock, use and develop my own talent bank’

‘Presentation brought people together and destroyed the cynicism that had existed’

‘Helped me feel I could cope’

Course Content


  • Take a look at what emotional intelligence is, how you regard yourself and how it can help you professionally.

Emotional Intelligence?

  • What is the background to emotional intelligence?
  • Understand your own emotions and that of others, how to motivate yourself and others and using emotions to your advantage.

Emotions in the workplace

  • What are the consequences of emotional workplaces?
  • What do you expect of people and how does this affect working relationships?

Physiology of emotion

  • Learn about the physical consequences of emotions
    and how this affects you

Summary and Tools

  • Learn more about emotions and how we use them.
  • Develop techniques to choose which emotion to use, how to become more positive and use intuition and empathy.
  • Learn how to respect yourself and others.

Workplace Culture

  • How to develop an emotionally intelligent work culture.


  • Create an action plan to use in the future.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who needs to be in full control of their emotions in order to fulfil their potential. The course is also for for those managers responsible for ensuring that emotional intelligence becomes a characteristic of key (or all) managers in their organisation.

Key Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

  • Relate more effectively with colleagues
  • Cope with obstacles, setbacks and disappointments more productively
  • Show others how to become more resilient and persistent in pursuing career success
  • Improved management and leadership through understanding the cause and effect of emotions

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