FIT Workshops – 90 minute in-house sessions

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Gain a rapid and practical overview of a subject with these 90 minute bite sized sessions.

A selection of 90 minute Fast Impactful Training workshops:

Peak Performance Strategies™

Understanding how to maintain peak performance is vitally important to manage the increasing demands within the business world. This session provides practical solutions to enhance health and perform at the highest level to increase personal effectiveness and business efficiency. You will learn how to stimulate your brain and how to maintain your energy throughout the day.


Management and Mastering Time™

Time management is important to make sure we meet deadlines and goals. This session will take a look at the importance of managing time effectively and give valuable hints and tips along the way. You will learn the key components of managing time efficiently and look at the key challenges and your attitude to managing your time. You will learn the key principles of planning and tips for staying healthy and stress free.

Stress Management™

Gain an understanding of the power of managing stress in yourself and the people around you and the impact this has on people and performance. Get to grips with the causes of stress in the workplace and learn strategies for handling stress positively.

An Introduction to Change Management
– positively embracing change

Change is a part of organisational life. We all have choices as to how we respond to change. In this workshop delegates will learn practical strategies and tools to manage positively the challenges posed by on-going change, so that instead of seeing change as something to fear and avoid, they can embrace it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

– enhancing engagement and commitment

We can only manage – ourselves and others – to maximise passion and engagement, if we understand how it is made up. This session introduces a new model for passion at work and provides practical ideas for creating and maintaining passion. You will learn about the unique PassionWorks!™ approach, and how to manage yourself and others for sustainable engagement and passion. Find out more about PassionWorks!™ (opens in a new window)

Note – we have many other 90 minute (other timings can be arranged to suit how you work) available. See details of all the bite-size learning sessions here.


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