FIT Workshops – 90 minute in-house sessions

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Gain a rapid and practical overview of a subject with these 90 minute bite sized sessions

FIT Sessions will maximise your training coverage by delivering practical tips, hints, tools and techniques for attendees to use immediately. The sessions are highly motivating, delivered with high energy and with the versatility required in today’s environment.

A selection of 90 minute Fast Impactful Training workshops:

Speed Reading Essentials™

We are all bombarded with too much to read – emails, reports, briefings, journals, legislation, books – and have too little time to read them. Speed Reading is an essential skill in today’s information rich world. In this session you will learn how to extract information from written material easily, read faster and understand more. AND you will learn how to continue building your reading speed after the course.

Mind Mapping Masterclass

Mind Mapping is the uniquely effective tool for thinking, planning, organising and remembering. You will learn how to harness the power of this technique and apply it to help you in many aspects of your work. Mind Mapping® is sometimes described as the ‘Swiss army knife for the brain’ and you will quickly discover why!

Names & Faces… and other stuff!™

Do you often forget names, faces, appointments and other stuff that you really should remember? If so, you will love this session! Learn how to remember names and faces so well that you will never have to say ‘you know…whassisname’ ever again – because YOU will know the name. You will also learn systems for remembering lists and appointments – and anything else that you need to remember. Everyone can remember more, much more, and this session shows you how!

Note – we have many other 90 minute (other timings can be arranged to suit how you work) available. See details of all the bite-size learning sessions here.


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