High Performance Coaching – Notes for Managers, Coaches and Mentors of Participants

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To get the most out of the course, delegates will need to be supported as they start to think and work differently. This page will help managers, coaches and mentors to provide that support. Here you will find:

  • Information about the course
  • What to expect after someone has attended the course
  • Suggestions to help you perform a useful review with the course participant

The Course

The course is interactive and participative. The delegates learn by doing and practising the coaching process and methodology through the day. Here are some of the key aspects covered:

Understanding Coaching
We introduce the delegates to the principles of coaching and how it differs from ‘managing’ and ‘counselling’.

Coaching Environment
Delegates are given an understanding of the right coaching environment, building rapport and trust with the coachee.

The GROW Model
This is a simple model to help define the objectives of the person being coached. (Grow stands for Goal, Reality, Options, Will and Wrap-Up)

Coaching Techniques
Delegates will learn how to run coaching sessions, setting positive outcomes and focusing on positive solutions. How to develop behaviours and language for success.

Action Planning
At the end of the course delegates are encouraged to think about how they are going to use what they have learnt. We emphasise that it is up to them to put the techniques and perspectives covered into good use.

What to expect after someone has attended the course

Everyone attends the course for slightly different reasons but they will all have opportunities to use what they learn. Delegates are usually very keen to put their new skills into practice.

What to expectWhat you can do
The delegate will want to use what they have learnt by coaching someone else.Help them to find opportunities to do so and encourage them to build on their skills.

Conducting a review after the course

Many managers like to follow up courses that their people have attended. The style and format of these reviews varies widely so here are some prompts for suggested discussion points:

  • Action Planย – at the end of the course all delegates are encouraged to commit to specific actions to use and reinforce the things theyโ€™ve learnt. That action plan is a good start point for a review.
  • Coaching – how much coaching/training have the delegates done since the workshop?
  • Achievements – what have they achieved since the workshop? Have they had any feedback on the coaching they have done?
  • Generalย – it will be worth going back to the original reasons for attending the course and also review the other notes in this section that describe the course and use them as a prompt for your discussion.

Our Clients

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