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Illumine runs a unique range of courses that enhance practical thinking skills to improve the performance of individuals and organisations.

If you are putting together a programme for high potential individuals, you will find that many of the skills in which Illumine specialises, will be invaluable. The specifics of any programme for high potential staff will vary depending on what training they have already done, and what skills the organisations wants to focus on developing. However we have listed below some suggestions based on how other organisations have made effective use of the training for this important group of individuals.


Key ChallengesKey CoursesAdditional courses that may be appropriate

Learning and Absorbing Information

Organisations that have identified people as being of high potential, also recognise that they will be investing additional time and money in those individuals. It is essential that they are able to take full advantage of this additional input and that they build their capacity for assimilating information. Specifically they will need to be able to:

  • learn efficiently and effectively.
  • become and stay well informed.
  • sift through large volumes of information and differentiate between the significant and the trivial.
  • grasp the detail and see the big picture.
  • understand the principles of effective learning so that they can coach and mentor others who are struggling with ever growing volumes of information.
Fast Reading & Super Memory – strategies and skills to master information using Mind Maps, Speed Reading and Memory techniques.Effective Speed Reading™

Mind Mapping

Creative Thinking Courses

If you are looking for your most talented people to be able to take the lead in generating new ideas and fresh perspectives, you will need to train them to be able to do this with confidence.


Creative Thinking for Logical Thinkers– ideal introduction to effective creative thinking. 

Structured & Critical Thinkingproviding a toolbox of thinking techniques for a variety of situations.

Communication Skills

Being knowledgeable and having expertise and a capacity for hard and effective work are likely to be among the attributes that have marked individuals out as ‘high potential’. Surprisingly large numbers of otherwise high performing people are let down by their inability to communicate effectively. Developing good written and verbal communication skills is vital.

Think Before You Speak™ – advanced verbal communication skills, developing skills that go beyond formal presentations to enhance impact and influence in many different situations.

Powerful Presentationsessential skills to master; planning and delivering presentations confidently.

Professional BusinessWriting – professional writing skills to promote the right image and enhance the effectiveness of all written communication.


Meetings, Facilitation & Coaching

If future (or present) roles are likely to include any form of facilitation – being able to get the most out of others – then learning simple but effective techniques can make a big difference to how effective the individual is and how they are perceived by colleagues.

Six Thinking Hats® – De Bono’s famed technique for effective facilitation and parallel thinking.

Facilitation Skills – increase impact by being a confident facilitator.

Engagement & Personal Balance

As people progress through their careers (and their lives) being able to remain focused and motivated – and in many cases being able to manage themselves effectively and motivate others – become essential.

Stress Management – recognising the symptoms, causes and consequences of stress and knowing how to manage for it, are essential.

Emotional Intelligence – EI is now regarded as an essential component of self mastery and essential as a leadership skill.

Passionate Leadership and Employee Engagement based on the PassionWorks!™  model – on-line diagnostic and workshops to enable managers to understand and manage for high levels of engagement and passion.

Management & Leadership

Developing high potential individuals will often include readying them for management roles.

Essential Management Skillsthe skills high potential people need to develop in order to become effective managers.

Effective Change Management the ability to handle change positively.

Practical Thinking for Project Successdeveloping skills that help people be effective in project roles, is often an essential part of development.

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