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‘Speed Reading’ is not just about developing your reading speed; it’s also about enhancing comprehension and recall – and sorting the wheat from the chaff.

As a business professional you will receive lots of printed information and material that you need to read through, comprehend and remember (not skim through). The problem you face is that you need to juggle this with the rest of your workload. You might even have to make informed decisions about the material. But have you really had the time to read it properly?

The solution is Speed Reading. It’s fun and easy to learn, you can use it daily and with practice your speed and comprehension will improve dramatically.

Speed Reading can be used to:

  • Cut study time (professional and educational qualification).
  • Become and stay extraordinarily well informed on your industry, your competitors, your profession.
  • Free up time for thinking, planning and doing.
  • Build your confidence in meetings and presentations – because you have all the information your need.

Learning to Speed Read

There are many books, audio CDs and websites all claiming to be able to teach you how to Speed Read. Our Speed Reading courses and workshops focus on face-to-face training to help you learn through practical application.

Our Speed Reading courses and workshops will help you to strengthen all the links in the reading process through fun, easy to use techniques. These are pragmatic sessions that ensure you have the skills required to use the techniques learnt for real business purposes on your return back to work.

INSEAKยฎ – The Intelligent Strategy for Effective the Acquisition of Knowledge is Illumine’s unique approach to gathering information and knowledge for the written word. It is introduced exclusively on Illumine’s Speed Reading courses and explained in full in the book, โ€˜The Extraordinary Reader’, of which every course participant receives a FREE copy.

Our Courses

We offer a number of options to learn how to Speed Read. We offer:

  • Our public workshops and seminars are open to all and delivered in Central London.
  • We also offer organisations the opportunity to train teams or groups of individuals through in-house training. In-house training offers you the opportunity to tailor content so that we can help you address specific challenges or focus the learning on your industry.

Your options

We offer our Effective Speed Readingโ„ข programme as a 1 day comprehensive workshop or a compact ยฝ day in-house course.

Find out more about Effective Speed Readingโ„ข here…

You can also combine Mind Mapping with Speed Reading and Memory techniquesย here…

Our Clients

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