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Why Speed Reading is an Essential Life Skill

Reading is a habit. Most of us are taught to read when we are young and other than extending our vocabulary, once we have mastered how to read, we no longer think about the process. The majority of people read slightly faster than they speak – but not much. Speed reading is not something that most of are taught at school so the speed at which we read – usually quite slow- becomes set.

Reading is something we do a great deal – dealing with the huge volumes of printed and electronic information that are widely available to us, are both great opportunities and daunting challenges. People who have learnt how to read effectively, efficiently and quickly have a clear advantage over those that have not. Reading faster, with good levels of comprehension and an understanding of how to remember and recall the information too, really are vital life skills. Imagine being able to read three times faster, whilst maintaining – or improving – comprehension:

  • You would dramatically reduce the time it takes to read a book, report, email, or anything else – freeing time up for other things
  • You would enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that you are well read and up to date with whatever knowledge you need in your work and your life
  • You would have all the information and knowledge you need, available to you when you need it

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