Brain Fitness and How the Brain Works

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A little understanding of how your brain works can help you make the most of it. Your brain is an amazing organ – like the rest of your body it needs looking after, stimulating and keeping fit. Although there is no scientific evidence that ‘brain training games’ or a ‘brain workout’ will enhance cognitive ability, they are a great way to ensure brain fitness – keeping yourย brain fit, simulated and active.

This section includes:

  • Brain Fitness Mind Map – a FREE Mind Map for you to download and use to keep your brain fit. Take a look at it and download it here…
  • Test Your Brain: The Spinning Lady – It’s just for fun but is your left or right brain more dominant? Take a look here…
  • Left Brain vs Right Brain – find out more about the characteristics of the left and right sides of your brain and how your brain works. Find out more here…


ยปย Here’s a simple mind map to give you some simple ideas to work on your brain fitness. View as a full page.

brain fitness mind map

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