Illumine’s Head of Training, Clive Lewis, gets very excited every December as the ski season approaches. But remembering so many days on the slopes when he (or one of his equally snow mad kids) have forgotten something important, he decided to put together a rhyme to help. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

Boots, skis or board now letโ€™s get to the snow
Gloves and/or mitts and the sticks arenโ€™t for show

And goggles and glasses, a scarf for your face?
A helmet and hat suncream just in case!

So now check your pockets, start with your pass
With cash, phone and piste map, youโ€™re cooking with gas!

You may of course have a pack on your back
With emergency rations โ€“ a drink and a snack

Transceiver and shovel if you may go off piste
With probe and first aid kit and a whistle at least

Stay safe in the mountains and have lots of fun
Watch out for each other, not just number one!

ยฉ Clive Lewis, Illumine Training,

clive skiing

Clive enjoying the snow!

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