Sounds the same with a different meaning:

Accept/Except – When you ‘accept’ a promotion, you should remember it’s spelt ‘ac‘ because you have acquired something new. ‘Except’ you might have to work longer hours and that might make you cross (‘x‘)!

Aloud/Allowed – When you say something aloud, you will know how it is spelt by remembering you say it out loud. However, when you are ‘allowed’ to do something, you have permission to do it.

Aural/Oral – Anything relate to your ears is ‘aural’. Anything related to you mouth is ‘oral’.

Practice/Practise – In UK English practice with a ‘c‘ is a noun, an object word! Practise with an ‘s‘ is a verb, an action word. For example: Collette went to crocquet practice whilst Simone practised her singing.

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