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When Illumine was founded in 1996, it was set up as a training company. Today it is still a training company, but we haveย expanded our offering over the years to include additional, related services.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us or call +44 (0)1753 866633. One ofย our friendly and professional team will be pleased to help you.

Public Workshops – open to all

Our most popular techniques are available as public workshops – these are suitable for individuals or organisations with individuals to train. We offer multiple booking discounts for organisations with more than one person to train. . ย ยป Find out more about our public workshops.

In-house Courses – for groups or teams

If you have a group or team to train, our in-house courses could be the best option for you. We can deliver any of our courses or workshops, anywhere in the world at your convenience. Most of our courses can be tailored to include content specific to your organisation (subject to licensing agreements).

ยป Find out more about in-house courses.

90 minute ‘Bite-Sized’ Sessions

Our highly motivating FIT Sessions are 90 minute bite-size learning experiences that allow attendees to gain a rapid and practical overview of the subject. FIT Sessions will maximise your training coverage by delivering practical tips, hints, tools and techniques for attendees to use immediately. Find out more…

Provision of Skilled Facilitators

We can provide highly skilled and experienced facilitators who will facilitate your workshops, team meetings and project groups. Find out more…

Speakers and Awaydays

We offer speakers and authorsย that provide impact and wow-factor. We also have a range of 90 minute sessions that these speakers can focus on for your conference or awayday. Find out more…


We offer specific skills, performance, leadership and team-building coaching. Find out more…

Our Clients

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