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Coaching is an increasingly popular way of developing individual skills and enhancing performance. The term, ‘coaching’ means different things to different people. Different approaches and models are appropriate depending on the objectives of the people who want or need coaching.

Specific Skills Coaching

The courses that we run on an in-house basis, provide a great way to enhance the specific skills of a group of people. Attending a public course is a great way for an individual to build skills. However, occasionally one to one skills coaching is more appropriate. This occurs when we don’t run a public courseย covering that subject, there is a very specific requirement, or attendingย a course is simplyย not practical or appropriate.

Performance, Leadership and Team-Building Coaching

Usually the agenda here is broader than building a specific skill. The skilled coach will work closely with the individual to identify their short and longer term development objectives, and work with him or her to achieve them. A variety of approaches and coaching models may be employed, depending on the requirements, prior experience and particular circumstances.

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Our Clients

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