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Many organisations recognise that the best way to get better is to challenge the status quo, develop fresh perspectives, create new ideas and solve problems more effectively. We have a great range of courses to support people at all levels to become more creative and solve problems more effectively. And of course we are always happy to tailor courses if the ones we already have aren’t exactly right for your needs. The short descriptions below are designed to help you to identify quickly the most appropriate course or courses for your purposes. If you can’t find the exact course you are looking for, please talk to us and we will be happy to provide more information or tailor courses as necessary.

“We are constantly being challenged to ‘do more with less’ or find better – more efficient or more effective – ways of doing things.”

Our highly practical Creativity for Logical Thinkers course is a great way to learn about the creative process and how to generate ideas – and then work effectively with those ideas – effectively and efficiently.
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“…but the most we can spare for this training is half a day.”

Although we find that the one day course above (tailored to meet your specific needs) is the perfect way to learn really practical techniques that you can put to immediate use, our half day Generating Ideas workshop is an alternative. Again, this can be tailored as necessary.
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“Our challenge is that we need to solve problems effectively – we don’t seem to have a consistent way of dealing with problems.”

Our Problem Solving course focuses on a robust approach to exploring, understanding and solving problems. This course is more about structure than thinking creatively.
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“We run a lot of meetings here, some of which seem to be inefficient and unproductive. Some of our discussions seem to just go round and round”

The well-known Six Thinking Hats technique is a great technique for improving the quality of meetings – ensuring that more (and better) thinking is done both quickly and efficiently. This certified course gets people up to speed with using the technique very quickly.
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“We need a comprehensive programme that covers both generating ideas and solving problems. We also need our people to think differently.”

The Creative Problem Solving course is a two day course that can be tailored to meet your needs, encompassing the understanding of problems and thinking more creatively in a range of different situations. Because every organisation works in different ways – and has different needs – we expect each course to be different so please talk to us about your specific needs.
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“Our needs don’t really fit into either creative thinking or problem solving. We need our people to think differently in different situations; to have a range of techniques available that they can put to use when they need them.”

Our Structured and Critical Thinking course provides a range of practical thinking tools and techniques that can be used in a wide range of situations.
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“Being creative is less of a need for us, what we need help with is decision making.”

Our Decision Making course takes a wider look at the context for decisions and provides a robust approach to enable better decisions to be made consistently .
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