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Practical techniques to enhance personal resilience in an ever changing world…


What need does the course address?

As change in the workplace has become the norm, we are constantly facing new and bigger challenges. When things don’t go as planned, our ability to bounce back is put to the test. To thrive in this climate, it’s essential to learn from our setbacks – with resilience training – and move forward, rather than wallowing in or dwelling on them.

How we handle stress and ‘failure’ at work has a strong correlation with the likelihood of future success. For this reason, it’s important to develop a set of resilience skills. Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They have strong relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results.

The starting point is to recognise that failure is, at times, inevitable, if we are looking to make improvements, blaze new trails or explore new ways of doing things. Being resilient means that when we encounter disappointments, we’re able to bounce back quickly, learn from our experience and move on.

The resilience training course is particularly valuable for:

  • Anyone responsible for teams and individuals who are looking to develop their resilience at work.
  • Managers working in high-risk environments looking to help their team members deal with setbacks constructively and move on from them.
  • Teams wanting to develop a high performing, supportive culture and environment.
  • Individuals who feel they could benefit from being better equipped to bounce back from failure, setbacks or adversity.


Key Outcomes and Benefits

By the end of the resilience training programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the personal and professional implications of resilience.
  • Identify thinking patterns which will help you to deal with setbacks positively.
  • Identify your own change readiness and how this corresponds with resilience.
  • Overcome and grow from setbacks, by understanding them in the context of challenge, commitment and personal control.
  • Become more assertive at work.
  • Explore the way we explain hardships and adversity to ourselves, in order to learn from them.
  • Use a variety of techniques to develop personal resilience, including building self-confidence, setting goals and raising thought awareness.


Course Overview

Comprehensive 1 dayย in-house course

  • Defining resilienceunderstanding the implications of a sense of purpose, adaptability, self-confidence and having a support network for personal resilience.
  • How resilient are you? Questionnaire exploring change readiness and personal resilience.
  • Overcoming and growing from setbacksunderstanding aspects of adversity which contribute to future success.
  • Assertiveness techniques practical tips to re-frame common preconceptions and empower individuals at work.
  • Explaining setbacks to ourselvesidentifying key factors which enable us to learn from failure.
  • Developing resilienceexploring the role of diet, emotional intelligence, goal-setting and self-confidence in building resilience.
  • Action Planning

We offer Developing Resilience training as a 1 day course. However if this course is not exactly right for you, we will be very happy to discuss your specific goals and to work with you to put together a bespoke programme.

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We are always happy to tailor courses and combine modules from different programmes. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your course does exactly what you need it to.


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