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Effective business relationship management builds successful businesses. Learn how to build trust, manage stakeholders and  develop productive relationships…

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What need does the course address?

An organisation’s success depends on the ability of its people to co-operate, collaborate and work seamlessly. This allows them to appear to the world as a single entity. This can be a major challenge. Pressures of time and money, internal structures, geographical distance, differing KPI’s and more – all serve as blocks to effective business relationship management and productive collaboration.

This workshop, focuses on how to build trusted relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders in order to enhance an organisation’s relationship capital. You will start by understanding your own working style and how you come across so that you can build awareness of the impact it has on every working relationship.  You will learn how to ensure you ‘walk a mile’ in someone else’s shoes so that you can truly get the best understanding of where the other person is coming from and what they hope or need to achieve.


Key Outcomes and Benefits

On the Effective Business Relationship Management course you will learn how to:

  • Understand colleagues and other stakeholders better – interact effectively with everyone through a deep understanding of their needs and goals.
  • Know how to improve relationships – identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work relationships.
  • Learn how to flex your communication working style…to handle any situation.
  • Influence others – develop key influencing skills.

Course Overview

Comprehensive 1 day course

We will look at how you identify and manage your stakeholders in relation to the potential impact they have on future opportunities for you. This will enable you to understand what they think of you and what you can do to proactively manage each relationship:
•    Building self-awareness to build self confidence.
•    Understanding your stakeholders.
•    Credibility matrix – where do you sit now? What would your stakeholders say?
•    How do you show curiosity?
•    Building rapport.
•    Showing empathy.
•    Steps to becoming a trusted advisor.
•    Understanding and matching their style.
•    Now versus long term – getting both right.
•    Influencing skills and styles.


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