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Accelerated learning techniques dramatically increase the effectiveness of your training delivery…

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What need does the course address?

This course is for experienced trainers and training managers in organisations. It is especially relevant for those who want to bring a new level of learning impact and effectiveness to their training programmes. The course can be tailored to include applying the principles to your own training courses.

The term, accelerated learning, is now used very widely and in many different ways. Elsewhere in this section of our website, you can find out about highly effective techniques for absorbing information quickly and efficiently, using speed reading techniques, mind mapping and memorisation strategies. However on this Accelerated Learning for Trainers course, we focus on how to use the principles of accelerated learning and draw on the work of Georgi Lozanov, Howard Gardner and others. The course therefore provides trainers with innovative approaches that will enable them to make a step change in the effectiveness of what they do.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

This engaging, action-packed programme has helped hundreds of trainers to transform their organisations’ culture of technical training delivery. They are now more imaginative and confident, and their courses have demonstrably more impact and effect. The course both demonstrates and fully explains the nine principles of accelerated learning.

Training effectiveness – Training is transformed by applying the principles of accelerated learning.

Trainee engagement and enjoyment – Course participants leave courses feeling energised and excited to apply their new knowledge and skills.

Confidence – Trainers are confident in the quality of their training skills and their ability to produce and deliver memorable training programmes that have a lasting impact.

Course Overview

Comprehensive 2 day in-house course

  • Discover more about the brain, how to use it and how to develop it.
  • Experience and apply the nine key principles of Accelerated Learning.
  • Develop and learn how to apply alternative learning strategies.
  • Use memory aids to ensure new learning reaches long-term memory.
  • Consider new ideas for maintaining learners’ interest, energy and self-esteem.
  • Keep your own energy, confidence and enthusiasm high.
  • Gain new insights into the use of music and how it can enhance your delivery and content.
  • Get personal coaching on your own projects.
  • Take away lots of new ideas for learning activities.

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